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Voice Changer Software 5.0.19

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Добавил garworld5, в категорию: Другие программы (2 июня 2011)
Voice Changer Software 5.0.19

Voice Changer Software - программа для изменения голоса в режиме реального времени. Если вы хотите подшутить над своими друзьями, Voice Changer Software то что вам нужно. Вы можете разыграть друга по телефону, например изменив свой голос на женский, для этого вам необходимо запустить Voice Changer Software, выбрать нужный голос и просто говорить в микрофон.Вы можете использовать Voice Changer Software для общения в Yahoo Messenger, AIM, ICQ, Skype и т.д. Кроме изменения голоса в реальном времени Voice Changer Software, может записывать аудио файлы. На сайте разработчика можно скачать много разных голосов, а так же фоновых звуков...

· Changes in real time the voice (either from a microphone, or CD, or line-in, or auxiliary input) into hundreds of high-quality female and male voices, animal, musical and fiction sounds.
· Morphs in real time WaveOut and DirectX streams and modifies the voice in MP3 songs played back on a sound player.
· Disguises your voice and lets you create a nickvoice for each of your nicknames. Since this cool tool is compatible with Internet-based audio and video programs, you can become totally anonymous for the "private eye" purposes and in voice chat rooms which you can turn into "voice masquerades."
· Can be used as a telephone voice changer thanks to the compatibility with PC-to-PC and PC-to-Phone programs.
· Allows you to create a new song by modifying the singer's voice from a CD or MP3 file while leaving the background music unaltered, or to sing your favorite Karaoke songs in different voices because AV VCS is compatible with standard sound recorders, sound players, as well as CD and Karaoke players.
· Employs the next generation advanced technology which makes it possible to change the voice input in two dimensions simultaneously: pitch and timbre. Now you can create more natural female and male voices of higher quality.
· Lets you choose from more than a hundred of ready-to-use audio effects that will help you explore a new world of sound.
· Comes with a built-in sound Recorder which makes it possible for you to record conversations, voice messages, or changed songs, and to save them in wave format files. You can also use AV VCS to edit different voices for audio and video clips and movies.
· Has a built-in sound Player which can play the audio data recorded by you in the Recorder.
· Comes with a built-in Voice Comparator which makes it possible for you to change your voice into the voices of famous actors and singers.

What's New:
- AV VCS Diamond has such a very useful feature as Negative Feedback filtering. It allows you to eliminate the electronic noise of self-induction which could appear when your microphone is close to your speakers.
- Non-human voices. AV VCS Diamond allows you to have a nice opportunity to use any non-human voices as if you are lion, bird, bear etc. You may use 8 groups of non-human voices which are available in AV VCS.
- VAD mode is giving possibility to change stream which you choose in Application combo-box.
- HotKey.
- New ready-to-use parody voice packages.
- New ready-to-use comparator voices.
- Windows Vista 32/64, XP 32/64 support .
- Improve interface.
- Improve Parody.

Build number: 5.0.19
License status: Yes
Platforms: Windows all
File size: 13.63 MB

Voice Changer Software 5.0.19
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